Setting Brave for Android as Default browser

December 29, 2016

Android is one of the most popular Mobile Operating system, Google is shipping Android with lot of apps done by its own company. So the number of users for Chrome is really huge compared to other popular browsers like Firefox, Brave. This post is about making Brave as default app in our Android. I am currently using Nexus 6p with Android 7.

Download Android version of Brave.

First step is open your launcher, so you can see the list of Apps in your Mobile.

Apps in My Mobile

Then open your Setting apps.

Setting apps in Android

Search for Apps options in Settings app.

Apps option in Settings App

Then at the top click on Configure apps button (button which look like Setting icon).

Configure Apps in Android

In that you can see an option called Browser App, click on that so you will get the list of browser available in your Mobile.

List of Browser in Android

Select Brave from that list to make Brave as default browser in your Android mobile.

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