Google Maps catching more data

November 20, 2015

Everyone know Google Maps is most awesome tool to find the navigation and business places. But there were some of the features which were not available in the mobile version previously, like there was no offline features and to add new places we may have to use another website which was called as mapmaker.

Few weeks back Google maps got an interesting update at the same time they introduced Google Local actively after revamping. In this update Google has introduced the Map marking tool inside Google maps itself, now we are able to add new business places easily from our Android device or web client easily.

Local Guides is interesting for travelers

Reviews for the places added have become bit strict so that the data updated are correct and as of now reviewers take bit long time to update them. At the same time with this update we can easily give reviews to place in map itself.

The Google map team have worked very well and also started local guides program it is mainly focused to make the Map marking gaminfication. As the points gets increased there are lot of goodies which we can win right from letter of appreciations, early access to Google products and some meetups.

Regarding offline maps they have ability to download in Android in future we can expect in ios also. We can also access our mobile data of maps from web clients also.

New Google Maps also has offline

This update gives good competition to Bing maps and the Important map marking and reviewing tools will be big challenger to foursqaure.

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