Google Local Guide

November 20, 2015

Google Map Maker was one of the exciting tool used by Google to collect data for the Good maps. Recently Google faced lot of issues with this tool in different countries, after all problem recently they are back with this tool. Now it is revamped and we can see along with the Google Maps itself.

To gamify data collection Google has recently Introduced a new program called Local Guide. They have also migrated previously added data.

With this you can signup and start add the data you know. For each place you add upto 5 points can be obtained.

The things we can do are as follows - Can add a new Place - Can share our star ratings to the existing place. - Can add photos of the place which are already present. - Edit the information already present. - Some questions about that place are asked, we can answer those.

Local Guide Rewards

For sure we can see lot of places added and the Google navigation is going to become easier and also finding the places will be easier than before. Have also share about how Google collects Data for its Maps.

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