My First ILUGC Meetup

February 18, 2017

ILUGC stands for Indian Linux Users Group Chennai. ILUGC is one of the oldest community and running for past 10 years actively. My intention to attend this meetup was to meet one of the amazing open source community contributor Shrinivasan, I am always inspired on seeing him, you can visit his blog goinggnu to learn more about what he is contributing and mentoring others.

Talk 1

That was my first time visit to IIT, reached late to session. Joined late to the talk given by Ajay on Various open source licenses. He gave very detailed talk and it was amazing to learn new things.

ILUGC WebExtension Talk

Talk 2

Then I started my session on WebExtensions, shared my basic knowledge on why we developers have to migrate to WebExtension model for developing Firefox Add-ons. It was very useful for me to interact with so many developers and I also answered some of their questions. Some of the questions I remember I got there.


  • Will Firefox add-ons eco-system accept addons developed using WebExtensions & XUL.

From Firefox 57 only WebExtensions will be accepted

  • How easy is it developing Add-ons using WebExtensions API

Any WebDeveloper can learn easily Javascript and use it for Add-on development. Previously we have to learn XUL to develop Firefox Add-ons alone and JS for Chrome Extensions development

  • Is all the API supported in XUL available in WebExtensions API

XUL had very powerful API, as of now not all are available in WebExtensions

  • All API in Chrome comptabile with Firefox WebExtension API

As of now most of Chrome Extension API is working, some have limitations

  • Do we have permission model similar to Chrome

Yes Firefox first keeps users Security in mind, and all the developers has to mention the API (say if using Tabs API) which the Add-on will use

Problems Faced

  • I tried to show demo of WebExtension I developed, but was not able to do it.

The presentation I used in this meetup is available in slideshare

Talk 3

Then Karthick our MozillaTN gave introduction about WebVR. He shared demos of creating simple screen using A-frame. Then he shared about the various contribution done by Contributors around MozillaTN community.

Lighting Talk by Shrinivasan

He showed lot of amazing projects done by community members of wiki. He also shared an Add-on idea which will be helpful for proofreading tamil wikisource. He also told it will be great to have a hackathon in chennai where communities can come in one place and work on interesting open source projects. If you know any space please comment in his post

Then in evening myself and karthick had chance to talk with Siyarg from KCG, Chennai. He is planning for amazing event in his college. Then went and met some of contributors of WOC who contributed along with Survesh. It was one of the wonderful day in Chennai after a long time.

Photo Credits: To Shirnivasan Anna.

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