MozillaTN KCG 24 Hours Hackathon

March 27, 2017

For long time in tamilnadu MozillaTN community had not conducted 24 hours hackathon. We talked to Sayaji a month back and his college was very supportive for this hackathon. At first we have planned to have 3 tracks Add-ons Development, WebVr and Localization. Due to miscommunication Localization was just a one day event.


I started with the general contribution area to the students, then had a small introduction about why should we develop add-ons using WebExtensios API. Then started brainstroming session. All the students were very enthusiastically shared their Add-ons idea, some of the Add-ons Ideas were very complex which require some more time for developing them.

Some of the Suggested areas

  • MDN
  • Rust
  • WebVR
  • L10N
  • WebCompat
  • Add-ons

Most of the students were very active and participated throughout the night and explored how to develop their add-ons.

Meeting Internet Programming lab Faculty

One of the faculty coordinator for this event was handling Internet programming lab. It was very good to have her. The main advantage was to learn more about students and what they are doing. She told in the 3rd year students have a subject based on HTML,CSS and JS. On interacting with her came to a conclusion to have mini-project based on Add-ons development. This will benefit both students and community growth, students will gain more proper hands-on development experience and community will have strong student developers.

Community Space in Chennai

On Day 2, Head of Department of Computer Science Engineering of KCG visited the hackathon. He shared his thoughts on how students should improve what will help students. He was discussing with us (Me, karthick, Khaleel) regarding the community space owned by college. He was asking whether MozillaTN community can conduct more events in that space. It was really a great opportunity for our community. We are trying very hard to have regular meetups hope this will be great opportunity to get in touch with large community members.

Then visited and checked some of the hacks done by Students. List is below

  • Texify :This addon will remove all the images and videos & page and show only text.
  • Newsfeed: This addon will fetch the news from Local news paper and share when we open new tab.
  • TabClose on Schedule :Will schedule a time and closes all the tabs at the scheduled time. Will be helpful for people in IT to work fixed hours.
  • Screenshot: Student was trying to take screenshot of the page and save it locally.
  • Facebook Birthday Remainder : Remainder add-ons
  • Facebook Event Remainder : Remainder add-ons

One problem faced in the event is, this is first time for this set of students for 24 hours hackathon and some had either very little knowledge or no Knowledge on HTML/CSS. They tired to learn basics and implement it, but they did at the end. And they were focusing more ideas on Mobile based apps than Desktop Add-ons, switching their context from Mobile based app thinking to desktop based add-on thinking took some time. May be have to learn more to learn their thoughts.

One of the most interesting hack was students showing a small video player which was more like Firefox Test Pilot Min-Vid.

At the end of the hackathon prizes were given to those who showed the demo, the add-on which was like Min-Vid and Textify were choosen as winners.

Photo album can be found in Flickr

One of the attendee is Balaji from SRM University, he wrote his experience in his blog

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