Weeks of Contribution- WebExtension Session1

July 28, 2017

Date : 24th July 2017

Time: 8:30 - 9:30

IRC channel: #MozillaTN

This is our first series of the WebExtension webseries. The main agenda of the program is to get started with Mozilla community and discuss the syllabus we will be learning in this series.


  • Contributing to Mozilla Community
  • How is our Session Designed
  • Short intro on Syllabus

First we started with watching video about Contribution paths of Mozilla. Then we discussed about the experiments and the API we will be visiting in this session.

Experiments we are going to learn

  • First we will be starting with setting up our Firefox Nightly in the next Session, then we will be cloning a simple already build WebExtension in our machine and we will be running it locally in our browser
  • Second we will be creating a small add-ons where we will be creating a Beautiful welcome page for every new tab. (This is used in many of the Add-ons a sample one in Firefox Test Pilot Activity Stream)
  • Third, we will be creating 3 add-ons one click open for our fav website, one click close for current tab, one click update of current tab. We will learn basics of Tabs API in this
  • We will be building an Add-on where we will be converting the particular website to night Mode. In our case we can try with our fav blog.
  • We will be building a omni box multi search engine. If you have used Duckduckgo you might have seen !a will make search in amazon, similar to this we will be build one add-on
  • Sometimes we prefer to select few words and search in different search engine like Google , bing, ddg and so on. For that we will be building a small add-on based on ContextMenu API. Difference between 6th and 5th exp is in 6th we use Contextmenu API + Tab update, in 5th we use OMNI box API
  • We will be building a small remainder or Dr. Water, which will be triggering remainder for every n mins. Here we will be learning Alarm API + Notification API
  • Then we will be building an add-on to control the youtube playlist, we will add simple button like play next song, pause / play here we learn tabs.executeScript , tabs.query API
  • We will build a local play list for youtube in which we can add our fav youtube songs and use it in that browser alone. We can use without signin. Here we will learn LocalStorage and History

English version of Video

Tamil Version of Video contributed by contributor

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You can download PDF from link

Note: Contribution are welcomed, help by transalting video in your language. spread word about this learning program. Use teaching kits available and use in your community and share the knowledge

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