MozillaTN First Meetup

February 24, 2017


Yes this is one big word from December to Mozilla Contributors around Tamilnadu. After lot of conversation it finally got finalized. The discussion started long back from October 2016. The first thing discussing with Vignesh and other functional team members, done was choosing the Contribution tracks. It was not an easy task to choose the tracks, it should align with goals of Mozilla and also it should be very helpful for the growth of Contributors. Our MozillaTN is one of biggest and had contributors from different background finally we choose WebVR, RustLang, L10N, WebCompat, Campus Clubs and WebExtensions as focused areas of this meetup. When everything was finalized the track facilitators had only one thing in their mind “THIS SHOULD NOT BE YET ANOTHER MEETUP”. Previously in lot of meetups we meetup and forget everything there and come there for just talking and returning back. The same thing should not happening in our meetup.

We have decided the meetup should happen in Coimbatore as it has really huge number of contributors and amazing second generation of contributors like Paarthibalalji, Prasanth, Sudharasan and many more. Most of these contributors joined community due to the efforts of FoxIoT meetup, Weeks of Contribution and so on.


  • MozillaTN New logo created by Rohit & Nirmal.
  • Nirmal helping in designs of poster for track facilitators.
  • Selection invitation on Jan 1st 2017.
  • DP Changer for all contributors By prasanth.
  • Creating agenda for so long hours.
  • Space selection by Ramki, Vignesh & Sudharsan
  • Tickets booking for all the contributors by Vignesh.
  • Jallikattu Protest in Tamilnadu

Meet-up Days

I had some of the things in mind but unfortunately it didn’t work. First we had plan to create website for all the campus club present at the meetup, then contributors stories in video format and video extension demo. But everything else was good. Let’s discuss those amazing things happened at meetup.

Meetup Venue is one of the best for this Meetup, well maintained and supported by KGiSL, should thank sudharsan for this. He was running whenever we need any help. Paarthi worked hard without thinking anything. Whole Tamilnadu had problem travelling outside was bit difficult and most of the shops were closed, in KGiSL campus we can not move without ID card as it is one of big campus. Paarthi made everything ready within few hours of design given to him. We had wonderful food and stay at Coimbatore, Vigneshwaran worked hard to select these things without him this meetup might have not moved even a single bit.

Day 1

Day 1 started with general guidlines what we can do in the campus by Sudharasan. Then Karthick gave an session on what happened in 2016, what are our achievements and what our community did interestingly for the past one year. Then Khaleel and Ammar came forward to discuss about the community issues, every community has its own set of issue as MozillaTN is very big we have large number of issue in different things which has to be tackled. After this Selva Makilan came with Social Media updates of 2016. MozillaTN community grew very much in terms of Social Media. Our growth was incredible due to efforts to many hands. Hope in 2017 we will be extending as much as we did 2016.

Logo Release

MozillaTN logo got revamped, it is hard work of our design team Rohit (From SRMKzilla) and Nirmal (From Madurai). KGiSL directory was very kind, he visited the event and launched our new Logo. He shared his thoughts about Software domain to us.

Then we had a short introduction session about each and every track we have. And vignesh shared about vision of MozillaTN 2017. Our one main goal is to have “Next generation of Tech evangelist”. We wanted more contributors to take Mozilla Mission to their locality and make themselves awesome. Then Karthik started with Campus Clubs session, we in MozillaTN wanted to have a strong connection with our campus club members.

Then we divided into teams started working on basics of our track. And finished day with review of Day 1.

Day 2

We started Day 2 with our teammates, started working on various things. I contributed to Add-ons track team.

We Started to have a repo for our team, shared some of the ideas which we are going to work. Added them as issues at the repo itself. After this we did some paper prototyping of our add-ons, Felt paper prototyping is very important for development it will be easier to visualize how our add-ons will be. Then we discussed what API will be required for each add-on. We planned how we can extend our team in future and made some personal goals.

What didn’t work ?

  • Time was not managed properly.
  • Code contribution didn’t start yesterday.
  • Not able to inspire many and attract to Add-ons (surely to be revisited)

What Worked well?

  • Participants learned about why WebExtensions and what are different ways for contribution.
  • Created basic teaching kit (will be updated soon in github).
  • Drafted plans for 6 Months.

Then in the afternoon, all the teams started sharing what was discussed in their tracks. Everyone was forced to sit and listen ;) Invited contributors for maintaining their campus clubs website, I will share soon about the decision of the technology we using for maintaining the website.

At the end of second day, I wanted to talk so I gave a big vote of thanks. I shared why and how MozillaTN started, why it is very important to build MozillaTN community how to shape it in future.

I remember I was assigned a task for selecting contributors to meetup. I was carefully splitting everyone into their preferred tracks and also based on the contribution done by them. I made one mistake of assigning one contributor to the track which she least preferred. Hope in upcoming days other contributors wont do the same. Other than this I think most of the things were fine.

And contributors who attended the meetup, gave an awesome gift to me and other track leads it was a beautiful mug with our printed picture. Kept it safely at home. It was the second mug in my life and I am excited to get from my beloved contributors.

Photos Available at Google Photos take a look and see how we enjoyed.

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