MozillaTN SFDHack WebExtension Workshop

September 29, 2017

We wanted to make a strong community in Chennai. We got this wonderful place KCG E-cell. Lot of planning went around this event, and we planned event month before.


  • Sayajis
  • Vishal

Mozilla Reps

  • Viswaprasath
  • Dinesh

Developer Mentor

  • Prasanth
  • Balaji

One of the most succesfully thing is Balaji was excited to become Mentor for this Session. He has recently started developing Add-ons and was part of recent Weeks of Contribution.

We did a minimal marketing with our Telegram group and Mailing list, our main agenda is to bring max of 30 contributors and who are interested to contribute for a long time.

Day 1

This is the first time I am collaborating with Dinesh in Tamilnadu. He started sharing the path he came across Mozilla community, how he started learning and how he got help from contributor who are in other part of world.

Our Agenda is very simple.

For Day1

  • Share about WebExtension
  • Explore various API
  • Start discussing on ideas

For Day2

  • Work on the ideas we have.
  • Demo (show & tell)

We started discussing about WebExtension with the attendees came. I was very energetic and happy to discuss about WebExtension. Some of the examples I discussed on this session is

Then we had a lunch.

After that shared my code repo and asked everyone to dig the code. In the mean time Balaji and Dinesh were working on collecting some interesting Add-ons ideas on which contributors can work on.

One of the Contributor who attended the event Sanjay told, the below feedback

There should be some resources where all of us can learn the basics step by step. The resources can be shared before event so, when we come to venue we can get to know what we are going to do and start discussing directly and start our coding part

I loved his suggestion and same suggestion was given by Karthick long back, we started to work on a book which is expected to be released soon. And currenty structuring the contents which will be easier to learn step by step and making it as a website.

Then before we leaving home everyone started sharing our ideas one by one.

Ideas disucssed by attendees

  • History Deleter by monisha,nandhini
  • One Click games by amirtha,karthika
  • Google Search by amirtha,karthika
  • Remindyou by Pavan
  • NextPlease by Abdulla P I
  • Go Directly/ Dont Search by Akash Milton
  • Bold it by Balaji
  • Disc Lyric by Subhashini Gopal
  • Live Editor by Balaji B
  • Tabs Grouping by Sanjay
  • Facebook Message in browserAction

Then we organisers, mentors and reps went for a dinner.

Day 2

We started our Day 2 around 10.00 AM. We started discussing about the ideas the we had and everyone started learning the API from MDN.

Then Abdulla, finished his Addon using Commands API. His ideas is to move to next page of google search using simple keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + some key to next page and previous page. Then Abdulla started mentoring others who are new to Javascript.

By After we had following demo.

Some of partial demo. (Not in AMO)

  • One Click Games (using API)
  • Google Search (using omnibox API and
  • Tabs Grouping.
  • Specific Domain History Deleter

The final part where screwed up was, show and Tell. The plan is to bring all the attendees share the demo and make them to explain the code they have done. But due to the power problem on the second day we are not able to do it. If it had happened then we might had the best hackathon.

Some good numbers we had.

  • 20 Contributors joined.
  • 7 Add-ons developed
  • 3 Addons currently in AMO
  • 2 New Young mentors( Abdulla, Balaji)
  • 1 Experience Mentors (Sanjay)

At the end of the session we had conversation about building the Campus clubs in the colleges around various parts of chennai, and what is their general expectation. We had chance to talk with 3 college students.

  • Jaya Engineering College
  • Saveetha Engineering College
  • SSN College

Blog post by Balaji after this addon published. Link here

Thanks to KCG college for venue, AMO team & community contributors for all the knowledge shared plus mentoring and Mozilla Reps community for funding this event.

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