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February 27, 2017

After a very long period I am visit SRM University (which is near my office). Previously I have visited SRM for Aarush in 2014 one of the biggest event for Firefox OS workshop, the first time I met Rohit.

About SRMKzilla

SRMKzilla is one of the amazing active club and organise lot of events internally. The transition of club reponsibilities each year seems very smooth and most of the members are actively participating in the club events, from my knowledge it is one of the well organised club in Tamilnadu.

In 2017 this is my first time visit to SRMKzilla for an event after a period of 2 years. Shrikar club lead invited me and Karthick for the sharing our knowledge to the club members.

The session was expected to start at 2:00 it started a little late at 2:30 due to our travel issues. Then I started sharing what are the different path ways students can contribute to Mozilla Community, why they should contribute to Open source and how it will help them in the long time.

Some of the Suggested areas

  • MDN
  • Rust
  • WebVR
  • L10N
  • WebCompat
  • Add-ons

Why Should one contribute to community

  • Passion
  • Gain exposure to Real world Problems
  • Learn and fun with Amazing people.

After sharing my thoughts about open source communities for an hour, Karthick started with WebVR. He shared amazing demos which attracted students lot of students and he made them to get involve so actively.

I felt this is one of the best short session I had. Some of the students were really interested to contribute, they followed back in Telegram and mail. Some are interested in Analytics projects and many wanted to get started. With proper guidance for sure this club will make great contribution in future.

After the session, Core Team of Club met personally with Me and Karthick regarding the big event they are planning in the April.

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