Weeks of Contribution-WebExtension

July 5, 2017

Weeks of Contribution is one of the amazing series of online event where first time contributors get started contributing to Mozilla Community. It was started in 2015 by set of contributors aiming to bring contributors around Tamilnadu in various areas of Mozilla contribution like Localization, Doocmentation, Firefox OS app development, Add-ons development for Firefox and so on.

Previously in 2015 we had video conferencing call in youtube hangouts on air each and every week contributors were taught on specific area. In 2016 we focused on only 3 areas like QA, L10N, WebVR, WebCompat and we focused each area for two weeks. In 2017 we are starting the first area with WebExtension. The detailed plan is below.

This time we are planning to have continuous learning of WebExtension. Each week there will be 3 session in our #MozillaTN IRC channel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 09:00 PM and 10:00 PM. It will be running for 5 weeks, so there are 15 sessions. A tentative schedule is shared, please visit the following link if there is an change in timings we will be updating in our Google groups

Format of Session

  • 1 hour IRC chat
  • First 5 mins introduction of every attendees
  • Discussing about WebExtension API
  • QA
  • Updates on Next session.

What we plan to achieve

  • Bring 25 new contributors who can develop Addons.
  • Bring 25 new Add-ons to AMO

Signup in the google forms

Twitter handle is #TNWebExt Dont forget to create the buzz among your friends. Help them so they can also join this amazing IRC series and enjoy learning.

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